enables Afghan voters to find the nearest polling center to vote in Presidential and Provincial Council Elections. Use to search for the nearest polling center and the approximate distance. Updated for runoff on June 14, 2014.

How to Use The Site

There easiest way is to use the "Find Your Location" button at the top-left of your screen. If we can get your current location, we will use it to look up the closest station to where you are right now.

Your current location will appear as a grey dot. Your nearest polling station will appear as a green dot.

Alternatively you can select "Choose Your District" to zoom into a district. Move the black target to your current location. Your nearest polling station will appear as a green dot.

How to Help 1: Embed on your website

Are you a CSO, political party, or media organization? You can help Afghan voters find their way to the polls by sharing this application. Use the sample embeds below to share the site. Share widely.


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How to Help 2: Improve

Do you see something wrong with the site? Please post any issues or suggestions.

Do you want to make Votehere AF better? Please contribute to building

How to Help 3: Have updated information on polling centers?

Let us know by sending an SMS to 0798462457 or using #afgelect2014 on Twitter and Facebook with the name of the polling center and the updated information.

Partners is possible because of open data on Afghanistan's elections. On March 18th, the IEC published polling station locations, enabling a polling station lookup for the first time in Afghanistan's history.

Several individuals and organizations contributed to developing and distributing Votehere AF. Special thanks to:

Polling center location data updated June 6, 2014. Source: IEC